23 May 2017

Iowa Data Bike

In GIS we know about data banks. But maybe it is time get to know the data bike. It will help collect data and even images that can be posted on Google Street View.

18 May 2017

02 May 2017

Source code

At Rutgers we are currently celebrating Reading Days. For those looking for something short to read, these histories of NYC zoning would be a great investment of a few minutes of your time.

For starters, the Institute of Public Administration at Baruch has posted a helpful overview of the history. New York City has an official page on city planning and the historic 1916 zoning code. The trigger for the whole thing was the Equitable Building, as explained by the Gotham Observer.

But if you get hooked, the original code is online from NYC Planning.

Most visitors will agree, the city has turned out alright.


Even though they are mostly dealing with things like depleted uranium, the Argonne National Lab has a nice explanation of Environmental Impact Statements and the EIS process.

The PDF of a DEIS is available for the expansion of a marine sanctuary. The carefully crafted graphics make it clear that the document was meant for a broad public audience.

24 April 2017

Kelo video

This video visits Suzette Kelo 10 years after the original court case. It is interesting to hear her say that she has not returned to the Fort Trumbull neighborhood since she (and her house) left. That is remarkable considering how small New London is. Clearly the emotions are still strong. Note: the video is an advocacy video, so filter accordingly.

Duke's Law School presents a more explanatory video. It still interviews some key players. It also has a more academic discussion. The video incorporates some graphics I could not get for class.

21 April 2017

Martha Schwartz

In last night's Cekada Memorial Lecture, Martha Schwartz mentioned some notable projects worth looking at more if you don't know them yet.

The 1994 Village of Yorkville Park


Manchester Exchange

Grand Canal Square in Dublin

20 April 2017

Musical weekend on Campus

This weekend the LTC is performing Oklahoma! at the Livingston Campus Center. Definitely worth some time for a classic American musical.

More about Curitiba

Jaime Lerner was the architect and mayor who oversaw the rapid transformation of Curitiba. After he had returned to private practice, he sat down for an interview with the American Society of Landscape Architects.

More importantly (since our DVD had a bad sector) You can see more about the BRT (Bus rapid Transit) system in his Ted Talk video. You can also see a recent update on this innovative system from The Guardian.